Knights Catering was started by John and Sheila Knight in 1983 through a passion they shared for catering.  In 2004 the vision and leadership of Knights Catering was taken over by three energetic managing members Albert Dreyer, Hans de Villiers and Wayne Robinson. The business grew from strength to strength and despite great challenges and big changes in the industry, Knights Catering remained committed to innovation, change to improve their offer and a focus on unrivalled service.  No surprise then that the business was ready for the next big challenge.  Whilst Knights has catered to a range of impressive clients over the years, the gap between the catering and the event organisation closed rapidly.  Clients look for a 'one-stop shop' and consequently Knights took the next step in its evolution to become an event company of choice. Each event carries the signature of the Knights management team:  Albert in charge of logistics, budget and menu planning, Hans renowned for his creative styling genius and Wayne responsible for seamless operations. Although the company only employs fifteen permanent employees, Knights is a crucial employer of casual staff from the adjacent local communities, employing up to 600 casual staff for events such as the J & B Met. "We've taken the next logical step to give our clients an unrivalled experience.  Events, and the food served at these, form critical milestones in the lives of our clients.  For this we will always go the extra mile."   © copyright Knights Catering & Events 2011 Make contact with us on +27 (0) 21 932 0800 | Fax: +27 (0) 96 508 3166 | email: | follow us on